10 Best Animation Maker Apps For Android & iPhone

Best Animation Maker Apps For Android & iPhone

Once upon a time, it was almost impossible for average Joes like you and me to create animated pictures and cartoons.

However, with the progress of technology, animation has become one of the easiest things to create, all thanks to animation maker apps.

With the following apps for animation, you can now create beautiful animation, as a marketing strategy for your brand, or even just for fun, if you wish. There are animation maker apps that the amateur and the professional creator will find useful. This implies that everyone can use them.

There are also animation apps for Android and animation apps for iPhone.

What’s also cool about these free animation apps is that you don’t have to be a professional artist to create with them. This article aims to show you a few of these animation maker apps and set you on your way to creating your very own animation.

Here Are The List Of 10 Best Animation Apps For Android & iPhone:

stick nodes

Stick Nodes

Stick Nodes is an animator app that lets you work on using stick figures to make movies. You can add text, dialogue boxes, and sound effects. You can even use the backward and forward onion-skinning feature to make your animation explicit.

With a wide range of gradient colors available, you can bring your stick figure animations to life. On the Stick Nodes website, you will find free stick figures to use. When you’re done letting your creative juices flow, you can export them as mp4 videos or GIFs.



Animoto is one of the most useful animation apps for Android and iOS. You can use it to create slideshows of your favorite memories so that you can watch with family or friends. Animoto also lets you add your favorite music to the slideshow so that you have a heart-warming video or an excellent marketing video.

An amazing feature on this animation maker app is that you get to edit the music, before adding it to your video. Don’t worry about stiffness, the app possesses up to a hundred slideshow styles and music options so you won’t ever get bored.



Toontastic continues to be one of the most reputable animation apps for Android and iOS. It is especially ideal for your kids, as it helps them put all their creativity and imagination to good use. On the Toontastic app, all you have to do is hit “Record” and begin to move your character.

It’s almost like a little game that brings the character to life with different steps. In the end, the app puts everything together into a video and you have a cartoon! There are princesses, galaxies and even pirates, all designed to keep your kid’s imaginations active.

i can animate

I Can Animate

This app, a favorite on the list of animation apps for Android and iPhones, is useful for creating animated pictures and saving them to share with your family and friends. Its video edit tools help you edit, copy, cut, paste and do all you need to do on your video.

The most impressive feature on this animation maker app is the slow-motion effect you can get from your videos. You can share your beautiful journey with your family and friends.



FlipaClip is another animation app for Android and iOS. It lets you have fun while being creative with drawing pictures of cartoons with a tool known as the frame-to-frame tool. It also allows you to import or remove audio files during your animation creation process, while also supporting image formats including but not limited to MP4, GIF, SEQ, and IMAGE.

Yet another noteworthy aspect of FlipaClip is the way it can give you a nostalgic feeling that helps with reliving your best childhood memories.

animation desk

Animation Desk

It is widely agreed that Animation Desk is one of the most comprehensive animation apps for Android. The first impressive feature of the app is its user interface, along with how it can be used by beginners and professionals. You could simply sketch, draw cartoons or create lifelike animations.

The app offers a variety of tools like brush tools, pencil, eraser, etc. Plus, everything is simplified and your drawing can become an animation, as long as you follow the simple steps described.



Animatic is another animation app iPhone and Android users will find helpful. You can create animations that are like flipbooks and use its frame editor. The app has impressive drawing, as well as editing tools, and after creating, you can export your animations in formats like GIFs, MP4s, etc.

Animatic is, especially, useful for novices, amateurs and professionals alike, since its limited colors and brushes will not overwhelm beginners.

animation desk classic

Animation Desk Classic

Animation Desk Classic has an impressive interface, as it looks like an animator’s real workplace. Some scenes are realistic on it, from animated scrapbooks.

On Animated Desk Classic, as many tools as possible are made available to you, including a fill tool, pencil, eraser, fountain pen, transparency, rigidity and size adjustments. You can also use adjacent frames that overlap and manipulate the frame rate to your taste. However, this app is not free.

picsart animator

PicsArt Animator

This app is one of the animation apps for Android and iOS users that can be gotten for free. On this app, you can create cartoons and animation videos from your 3D camera. Frame-by-frame animations are also possible.

The app can be used by amateurs and professionals alike, as there are simple, easy-to-use tools, and advanced ones like the animation length, speed, and multi-layering of your animations.



Moviepic is not the least useful app here and is in fact one of the most amazing animation apps for Android and iOS. This app is a well-known app used to give motion to photos; animate and bring photos to life. You can get the free edition, as well as the app purchase option.

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