8 Best battery Saver Apps For Android (2020)

best battery saver apps android 2020

When choosing a new smartphone, we often consider lots of features such as RAM, storage capacity, battery specs, etc.

While battery power tends to be overlooked, this feature could eventually turn out to be the most essential since most of us now spend more time on our smartphones than on PCs.

In recent years, smartphone battery manufacturers have seemed to realize the importance of battery juice to overall smartphone performance and have made some drastic changes to their production.

As a result, mobile devices fitted with sub-3000 mAh batteries have become very uncommon, but there’s still a lot of work to be done before we can go on for days without using our chargers.

You’ll still need a top battery saving app for your smartphone.

In this post, you’ll find a handpicked selection of the best Android battery app suggestions from our recent sampling activity.

Keep scrolling for details on their features and download options.

Here Are The List Of Best Battery Saver Apps For Android 2020:

du battery saver

DU Battery Saver

You too can install DU Battery Saver to own one of the best Android battery app programs made to enhance the lifespan of your smartphone battery. It is already well-known for providing its users with handy functions for keeping an eye on their smartphone battery’s overall performance such as a phone cooler, single-tap battery performance display, a battery-saver widget for single-click optimization, and a Junk Cleaner.

You’ll be pleased to discover an extended Standby Mode for sustaining your mobile device for the longest possible time in-between charges.

battery doctor

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)

With a 4.9 Google Play Store rating, the Battery Doctor program is a strong contender for the best battery saver app for Android devices. Besides helping you with saving battery juice, this remarkable software tool will also let you know approximately how much battery charge you have left.

The Battery Doctor application can also boast of a 3-stage charging system for a more professional experience while charging to prolong the life of your smartphone battery. Moreover, you only need to push a button to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and data connection controls.


Power Battery

Are you an Android user who’s on the lookout for battery optimizing solutions? Power Battery could just turn out to be the best battery saver app for Android users this year. Use Power Battery to better optimize those apps that are responsible for the battery drain, as well as to determine exactly how much battery juice you have left.

Moreover, Power Battery is one of the best Android battery app recommendations on this list that comes with a few extra features that could be useful for smartphones such as the Quick Charge feature, and on-screen display of battery percentage.

kaspersky battery life

Kaspersky Battery Life

This free battery saver and booster tool from security giants Kaspersky is one that will ultimately improve the battery lifespan of your mobile Android-based devices. It has even been touted as the best battery saver app for Android users looking to monitor each app’s consumption rate individually and run calibrations for their smartphone battery as well.

These impressive battery saving functions come along with a few others like preventing energy consuming apps from running in the background, and excluding your preferred apps from being closed when you are trying to preserve your battery juice.

avast battery saver

Avast Battery Saver

You too can download the most recent Avast Battery Saver version and discover firsthand why it comes with a 5 star Google Play Store rating. It is arguably the best battery saver app for Android devices on this listicle that you can use to avoid charging your smartphone endlessly.

Like the Kaspersky app, the Avast Battery Saver will also prevent power hungry apps from running in the background with a single click of the Stop Apps switch and you can use it to determine exactly how much juice is remaining in your smartphone battery, plus turn ON pre-configured optimized battery performance profiles.



Have you been wondering how to save battery on Android smartphones or tablets? You can own one of this year’s best Android battery app recommendations once you download and install Greenify. This must-have software tool was built to offer you a variety of options for extending the lifespan of your phone battery such as closing power hungry apps and preventing other background services from running.

As a result, you can experience minimal battery or data consumption and the capacity to mute notifications for all your apps. There’s also a software power analyzer that displays the consumption levels of every app on your phone.

super battery

Super Battery

The name of this software tool speaks for itself. It delivers admirably on its promise of being the best battery saver app for Android systems. This is a top battery doctor built to analyze your power consumption rates and optimize the lifespan of your battery.

The Super Battery app comes with integrated features to help you monitor and preserve your battery juice. They include boosting your charge without any of the usual overheating issues, optimizing battery performance by stopping all high battery consuming and power hungry apps, display of battery statistics like battery percentage, leftover battery time, among others.

accu battery

Accu Battery

So you’re looking for an Android battery saver?! With AccuBattery, you have a strong contender for the best battery saver app for Android systems. It comes with one of the most user-friendly interfaces among all the other top battery saving apps on this listicle.

Moreover, it offers up loads of other battery saving features such as enhanced battery charging speed, as well as letting you know which USB port or charger is best for your devices. You can even use it to gauge actual battery capacity, calculate the charging current, plus receive notifications and battery statistics in real-time.

The Round-Up

Now that we’ve concluded our best battery saving apps listicle, the answer to how to save battery on Android smartphones should be fairly obvious to you by now.

Go ahead and explore your options.

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