10 Best Free Arcade Games For Android & iOS (2020)

Best Free Arcade Games For Android & iOS

If you think that action games rule the gaming charts then you are wrong because there are plenty of awesome arcade games that are way better than some of the renowned action games. In this article, we have tried to bring the best arcade games for you. All these arcade games for android and arcade games for iPhone are completely free. You just need to install these free arcade games and you are all set for an entertaining journey.

Here Are The List Of Best Arcade Games For Android & iOS (2020)

banana kong

Banana Kong

If you are looking for the best arcade games then you can not ignore Banana Kong. Banana Kong is a very popular and exciting arcade game that comes with simple gameplay. In this game, you will be running away from the avalanche of banana peel. While running away from the mountain, you can eat more bananas to increase your score.

You will have to try your best to save the banana king because you will find too many obstacles in your run. Banana Kong also supports HD display that will improve your overall gaming experience. If you are looking for free arcade games then you should try this one.

subway surfers

Subway Surfers

All of us have played a game that holds a special place in our hearts and Subway Surfer is one of those games. Subway Surfers is a very simple arcade game that has become a well-known name in the world.

In Subway Surfer, you will play as a boy who is running from a police inspector. While running away from the inspector, you will face many different obstacles that you will need to dodge else you will be caught. You can also collect the coins and some special power-ups that will give you an upper-edge over inspector.

fruit ninja

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a very popular arcade game that offers very simple gameplay. In the Fruit Ninja game, you try to cut fruits and score as high as you can. While you cut fruits in the Fruit Ninja, you need to remember that you can only cut fruits and not bombs. The Fruit Ninja also offers some mini-games that you can play in the game and earn some rewards.

If you think you are good at this game then you can take part in the tournaments and fight with other Fruit Ninja gamers. Fruit Ninja comes with a simple and unique design that you will definitely like.

zombie tsunami

Zombie Tsunami

The Zombie Tsunami is a very unique and fascinating game that will keep you engaged for a very long time. In this arcade game, you play as a Zombie who is trying to add more members in his squad to capture cities. You will also face some obstructions from the military in the form of air attacks and explosives. You will need to save your zombie squad from these attacks.

drop stack ball

Drop Stack Ball

If you are looking for free arcade games that are easy to play then you must give Drop Stack Ball a try. If you are wishing to pass some hours then you can easily do that with Drop Stack Ball game. In this game, you will have to take the ball as low as you can while dodging the obstacles. You will get points for breaking blocks in Drop Stack Ball. If you want to score high in Drop Stack Ball then you will need to do some combos.

knife hit

Knife Hit

In Knife Hit game, you will have to throw knives towards the logs to break them. If you ever wanted to throw knives then you must try Knife Hit game because it is a simple, fun arcade game that is loved by millions of users across the world.

Knife Hit comes with a simple and neat design that will catch your attention. This game has a lot of levels that will keep you entertained for long hours. If you are looking for the best arcade games for Android and best arcade games for iPhone then you must give Knife Hit a try.

hungary shark evolution

Hungary Shark Evolution

Sharks were never that fun before the arrival of Hungry Shark Evolution game. Hungry Shark Evolution is an entertaining arcade game that allows you to become a shark and eat everything that comes in your way. This arcade game comes with awesome 3D graphics and high-quality sound. In Hungry Shark Evolution, you can also recruit other sharks and increase your strength.

There are several other similar features in Hungry Shark Evolution that you will definitely love. If you are searching for free arcade games then you can try this one.

tap tap dash

Tap Tap Dash

In Tap Tap Dash, you will have to select your character first. There are several different characters among which you can choose one which you like the most. Tap Tap Dash is a simple game that will keep you immersed for hours and you won't even know it. If you want a simple arcade game that offers too many levels then you should try Tap Tap Dash.

hole io


Have you ever felt like eating a city? If yes then Hole.io is a game that will help you in fulfilling your wish. In the Hole.io game, you can become a black hole and eat anything that you like. In this game, you can absorb cars, houses, people, and entire cities.

You can play Hole.io with your friends easily through multiplayer modes. Hole.io is a simple game that will give you the thrill you need in a day.

smashing domino

Smashing Domino

Smashing Domino was never that fun before the Domino Smash game. If you want to play a simple and free arcade game then you should try Domino Smash. In this game, you will have to shoot the ball in a direction from where all the domino falls. It might seem very easy but it is not. You will have to pay a lot of attention if you want to score higher in Domino Smash. Domino Smash is the best arcade game for Android and iPhone devices.


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