Top 10 Best Free Karaoke Apps For iPhone & Android (2020)

best karaoke apps for iphone and android 2020

We are already familiar with the power of music and how it can bring people together and help to relieve stress. A lot of people used to enjoy visiting bars to sing karaoke and wind down, while having some fun. Soon, it became a popular pastime, and technology helped simplify our karaoke sessions.

So now instead of going to karaoke bars, we can sing along to our preferred karaoke tracks at home, with our smartphones. This is all thanks to the freekaraoke apps that are now available for download. With these apps, you can sing your heart out; it’s certainly more fun!

Most of the best ones are premium though; this means you have to pay to gain access. However, this article has been put together to show you that there are also great free karaoke apps.

Here’s a list containing ten free karaoke apps we sampled recently we are hoping will find the best free karaoke app for you:

Here Are The List of Best Karaoke Apps For iPhone & Android 2020


Smule/ Sing! Karaoke

This app has remained one of the best karaoke apps for a long time. Beyond just letting you have fun singing and its impressive music library, you get to sing for your friends, your followers, sing with others on the app, and sing with your favorite artists! Yes, you get to do a duet with Ed Sheeran, Jessie J, Shawn Mendes, and a host of other artists!

This remarkable karaoke app for Android allows you to also fine-tune your pitch, along with a handful of other studio effects, filters, video options, and visual effects.



This is another free karaoke singing app that is considered as the best free karaoke app by a lot of folks. WeSing has over fifty million songs on it to sing to and has stayed competitive in the world of the best karaoke apps.

Apart from its rich music library, you also get to interact with a user community and sing with your friend, followers, or other app users. You can even make new friends. Finally, you are free to adjust your pitch, add a few voice effects, etc.



This app is also a top competitor for the best free karaoke app, especially in 2020. It has several noteworthy features, including the way you can choose the best tracks from its wide library.

During or after your singing sessions, you can enhance your voice using a few provided effects and then share with family, friends, and other users on the platform.


Magicsing Karaoke

Magicsing is one of the finest and free karaoke apps developed just for you. Many users would gladly pick this free karaoke singing app as their favorite karaoke app for Android. Moreover, it features songs in different languages, from different countries, and an extremely easy-to-use interface that lets you choose songs and sing along easily.



KaraFun is another one of our best free karaoke app recommendations. It has a design that makes its user interface quite uncomplicated. With over thirty-five thousand songs to choose from, you will never run out songs to sing along to. The app is updated often, and new songs are constantly added, which is great for you of course.

You can use it offline as well as adjust your voice and engage in vocal leads. To gain access to every feature on the app, you will have to subscribe to the service; otherwise, you will be able to access only some of the app’s features.



Voloco is one of the best free karaoke apps available for download on various application stores. With Voloco, you can choose from an array of tracks available, or record your own songs. You can share on social media after recording so that your friends can listen and share too.

There are vocal effects available on the app, like the autotune effect, and presets which will get your voice tuned to the song’s tune or beat. You can use the app for free, but there is also the option for a subscription service that gives you complete access to all of the app’s features.



Another recommended app on this free karaoke apps listicle is SingPlay. This app is fun and lets you sing all of the songs you enjoy, and have them recorded on your iOS or Android device. You also get to share your recorded songs with family and friends.



This next entry on our updated list of free karaoke apps is Singa. This karaoke software is a great tool for both Android and iOS users. You will find thousands of your favorite songs to sing along too, and all the lyrics are available as well.

karaoke by yokee

Karaoke By Yokee

Karaoke by Yokee is one of few free karaoke apps we sampled recently that supports building communities. This app so far has about a hundred million users who actively record songs and share on the platform.

Some of the best things about this app include its array of songs, the echo feature, reverb, and video effects for aesthetics. In its array of songs, you will find every kind of genre from country, to R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, etc. There are also a lot of songs in different languages like Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Latin, Spanish, French, and others.

Yokee’s Karaoke is perhaps the most fun karaoke app in application stores; you will have a great time on this one.

vocal remover

Vocal Remover

This app does well too as a sing-along app for Android and iOS users. With the Vocal Remover, you get to take out whatever voice is in a song, and then sing along to your favorite tracks with your voice. This is one of the fun things about this karaoke app (now you know why it’s called Vocal Remover).

You can make voice adjustments using the vocal removal feature too.

In Conclusion

This is the end of our list of free karaoke apps for and beyond 2020. Karaoke apps can help ease your stress or make you happy when you’re sad, especially when you get to sing some of your favorite songs. You also get to practice and improve your musical prowess if you have talent.

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