10 Best Home Decorating Games For Android (2020)

Have you spent hours on the internet admiring houses and interiors? Surely you have drooled and imagined that some of them were yours. Perhaps you have also thought of what you’d want your dream home to look like. Humans need shelter, protection, and comfort which is what a house provides.

Unfortunately, we may not be able to get our dream homes just yet, but the good news is that there are home decorating games that will indulge you. Certainly, you will learn a thing or two from designing houses virtually. It would feel good, and you will practice being an interior designer with the best home decorating game for Android.

In this article, you will see intriguing home decorating games that will keep you entertained and help you dream, or get a clearer picture of what you want for yourself.

Below is our handpicked selection of best home decorating game for Android recommendations:

Here Are The List Of Best Home Decorating/Designing Games For Android:


Home Design Makeover

One of the top home decorating games for Android out there is the Home Design Makeover. This game will let you express all of your home-making creativity. You act as a home designer with clients from all walks of life, including Hollywood celebrities, French people, Japanese, regular people, etc. Your task is to meet their demands and impress them.

There are match puzzles you can solve on your journey to help with your design, customization, and decoration. There are also a variety of styles to choose from; Victorian, modern, or Scandinavian? You will be responsible for decorating every part of the house.

design home

Design Home

So you want to download the best home decorating game for Android?! Design Home game ranks as one of the coolest decorating house games because of how realistic its graphics are. Here, you can either choose to decorate the whole house or pick the rooms you would prefer to decorate. There are high-end decor brands and furniture pieces to choose from, with each having a short description. There are also materials for your walls, floors, pool, etc.

You even get to interact with a community where you can share your designs and see theirs too.

the sims freeplay

The Sims Freeplay

If you’ve played The Sims, then this software should interest you. It is almost like The Sims, except that it could turn out to be the best home decorating game for Android, not PCs, and you get to play on your smartphone. It is almost like The Sims considering the main focus of The Sims is designing your dream house.

In this game, you can use your camera to capture everything you need by zooming in. You will also need virtual money for furniture, so you will have to earn cash either by working, selling something, or buying lifestyle points.

You can customize just about everything and you are guaranteed so much fun.


Dream House Craft

Next on our best home decorating game for Android listicle is Dream House Craft. In this game, you will have to go the extra mile to reach the very foundations by building your own house from scratch. You will have to choose your blocks depending on the blocks you have access to as a result of your level.

You will also access lots of different crafting instruments and change your character’s clothes. Plus, its user interface is friendly enough to enable quick navigation. You have access to many other tools that let you harness your creativity.

sweet house

Sweet House

This game is the next on our list of decorating house games for Android. You will have to fulfil a lot of missions to get goodies and coins that you can use to get something else. You can also connect it to your Facebook to get a thousand coins and save your progress on your account so you can resume with any device.

Different levels require a particular amount of stars to unlock, so you will have to skip some and come back to them when you have enough stars.

castaway home designer

Castaway Home Designer

This game is one of the top house decoration games that lets you become a Mayor of an Island, while also doubling as the citizens’ interior designer. You earn diamonds as you decorate these houses, and there are a handful of furniture items and wall designs to choose from.

The game will sometimes let you in on how much furniture is needed, and listening to your clients’ needs will earn you diamonds. Moreover, its user interface is top-notch.

my home

My Home

Another one of the best decorating house games for Android out there is My Home. Here, there are about nine rooms to unlock and decorate, along with many styles to choose from. You get to customize the floor, cabinets, walls, etc. To earn money, you can rent your rooms to residents. You will have fun playing this game because of its realistic graphics.

home maker

Home Maker

Home Maker is our next best home decorating game for Android suggestion that lets you create a fabulous house; all you need is creativity. You will have access to lots of options for customization, furnishings, and decoration. This app is perfect for design students or if you want to create a model home to show your home designer.

kawaii home design

Kawaii Home Design

This is arguably the best home decorating game for Android on this list that uses cartoon models with dollhouses. Here, you can decorate both your home and office. Its 2D graphics ensure that it has a straightforward and lightweight performance. You also get to be a part of an online community, see their works, and share yours, while getting rewards for votes.

home design

Home Fantasy

The last but certainly not the least entry on our list of home decorating games for Android is Home Fantasy. This game is unique in that it does not give you any brand decoration elements, and everything is up to you. This challenges your creativity, but it is a good thing.

Here, you are a prominent designer and will have clients with different needs. You can also choose your style; modern, austere, Victorian, fashion, Scandinavian, literary, classic, etc.


Here ends our updated best home decorating game for Android recommendations.

Each of them offers great ways to hone your creativity, dream, gain clarity on your home needs, improve your decorative skills, or simply have fun. Whatever needs you have, each of these games will meet them. Go ahead and try them out.

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