10 Best Free Night Vision Apps For Android & iPhone (2020)

best night vision camera apps for android and iphone

Do you know how you sometimes wish you could capture great photos or videos even in poorly lit environments?

This is exactly what night vision apps are for. They exist to help you capture photos and videos that are clear, regardless of how dark it might be.

During nightime, all you need to do is get a night vision cell phone app installed on your phone and say goodbye to your troubles. You will especially find these apps useful if your phone does not take good photos at night, or when you do not have a flashlight on your mobile device.

The good news is that there are quite a handful of free night vision apps, and with this article, you will be able to find a night vision cell phone app suitable for you.

Below is a list of free night vision apps:

Here Are The List Of Best Night Vision Camera Apps For Android & iOS:

illumes lite

illumes Lite

Illumes Lite app ranks top on many online listicles as the best night vision app for Android users. This app gifts you with the opportunity to capture photos and videos of high quality in poorly illuminated areas. You can even take vivid selfies.

Illumes aids your memory creation all the more by including cartoon features that make your photos with friends and family dreamy. It also lets you choose your preferred colors; there are natural green, blue, and red color modes available.

night camera

Night Camera

This is another app that provides night vision for Android users. It is different from the other free night vision apps because of its high-quality algorithms and AI feature. As a result of its processing features, you can capture photos and videos clearly at nightime. The AI option comes in handy for capturing beautiful pictures at 1080p. Not many free night vision apps possess these cool features.

night eyes lite

Night Eyes Lite

This night vision app could easily pass off as the best night vision app for Android and iPhone users alike because of its numerous features. The Night Eyes Lite app lets you make videos and take photos in real-time. With the app, it doesn’t matter if you have a flash or not on your camera, your photos will turn out just fine at night.

It lets you use both the back and front camera of your phone, and you are able to choose different color modes. You can also zoom efficiently and take photos either in landscape or portrait mode.

night camera photo and video

Night Camera (Photo & Video)

The Night Camera photo & Video app is among the best free night vision apps available for iOS users. The app lets you take great photos in “not-so-bright” areas without a flash. Plus, it has a cool interface that makes it easy to navigate with your smartphone.

There are also lots of other great features on the app including a zoom feature (6x), real-time luminosity, residual light enhancement, etc.

night vision camera phone joke

Night Vision Camera Joke

This is one of many fun and free night vision apps that you can use not just to see when it is dark, but to even pull a prank if you’re mischievous enough. It is one night vision app iPhone and Android users alike will benefit from.

night vision flashlight thermo

Night Vision Flashlight

This night vision app ranks as the best night vision app for Android and iOS users according to most people. The Night Vision Flashlight has a user interface that is pretty impressive and easy to use. With this app, you can change brightness, get creative with colors, add some effects to your photo, see at night, and change to a color view.

night vision light

NightVision Light

This app, when in use, will display as red on your screen, indicating that you have gone into something known as “observation mode”. Even though it displays in red, you can see a dark environment clearly without having to use a flashlight. You can even take awesome photos with the app in poorly lit places.


ELRO Color Night Vision IP Cam

This next entry on our free night vision apps listicle has already established itself as a firm favorite among both iOS and Android users. On account of its IP camera feature, it could quite easily pass off as the best night vision app for Android and iPhone users alike. This feature lets you watch the camera in darkness when you’re away but you want to monitor things. It’s almost like a night vision CCTV, which is pretty neat.

Apart from playing detective, you get to capture good photos and memories, and save them for later.

thermal night vision

Thermal Night Vision Camera

This is a real night vision app that has interesting features like a thermal vision, UV vision, and of course, the night vision. You will not need your flashlight even if the lighting is poor, and your photo will turn out to be just right. For the thermal vision feature, there is a chromatic filter.

virtual night vision

Virtual Night Vision

The Virtual Night Vision app is one night vision app iPhone and Android users can use to capture precious moments at night without having to use extra flash lighting from their mobile device or something else. There are a lot of wonderful features on the app including its 8x zoom feature, amplification mode, photo/video library, color saturation picker, etc.


Be rest assured that any of these night vision apps can be used by Android and iPhone users to capture videos and photos when an area isn’t properly illuminated.

Your photos and videos will be of high-quality and precise even if you make use of them at nightime.

Whichever one you choose, get ready to capture some of the best moments of your life!

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