10 Best Offline RPG Games For Android (2020)

best offline rpg games for android

With the overabundance of online multiplayer games on the software market, smartphone users have never had it this good.

The Mobile RPG gaming industry has advanced so much recently that it can boast of some of the finest game titles out there with many of them even having gameplay quality comparable to PCs and conventional consoles.

But any hardcore gamer worth their salt knows that sometimes, there’s precious little substance to online games.

Moreover, you can only enjoy playing them when you have stable internet connectivity which is not always guaranteed even in this modern age.

That said, offline RPG games could offer a more enjoyable all-round gaming experience. By default, they feature much more content and rich adventure story modes that will take players through an entire campaign.

Without further ado, here are the best offline RPG games for Android devices we’ve sampled recently.

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Here Are The List Of 7 Best Offline RPG Games For Android 2020:

knights of pen and paper

Knights of Pen & Paper

With Knights of Pen & Paper, you have an RPG from Behold Studios that has ranked as a top offline RPG game for Android. If you enjoyed playing Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll certainly fall in love with this entertaining turn-based game from the pen, paper, & tabletop genre.

The game can boast of various character classes available for players to pick and build-out from. Moreover, the 8-bit retro graphics of the game look great on smartphones and tablets. This game also enables customization options for armor and weaponry.



This action-based RPG is well-known for its quick-paced hack & slash gameplay. Eternium is an offline RPG game for Android that features diverse storylines that are equally immersive and exciting. Moreover, there’s a huge and incredibly detailed virtual world with plenty of room for you to travel around.

On Eternium, you can expect to come across aliens, demons, robots, and monstrous undead creatures, spread across each environment you visit. The different gesture combinations and touch controls are useful for spell casting and combat.



This next entry on our best offline RPG Android games listicle was developed to offer endless hours of thrilling gameplay. With Crashlands, you have an action-adventure RPG that will make a great addition to any mobile game collection.

The styles of combat and diverse gameplay are two distinct features of the Crashlands game. You play as an alien truck driver cruising across different galaxies and gradually leveling up as you successfully perform various tasks which may include cooking out-of-this-world recipes, fighting monstrous creatures, playing intergalactic delivery-guy, etc.



You too can download Evoland and discover firsthand why it has ranked among the best offline RPG Android games out there. And even though you won’t find an open-world map on Evoland like most of the RPG adventures we’ve highlighted here, you will enjoy playing its engaging 40-minute storyline.

Your virtual quest kicks-off within a miniature, 2D, and 8-bit environment, which you must explore for various items, chests, and upgrades. Once you have discovered your first weapon, you may begin to learn attack moves from the games’ exclusive combat system.

Baldur’s Gate II

Baldur’s Gate II

This epic role-playing game from Bioware is a top offline RPG game for Android that can boast of an immense open-world map. Shadows of Amn is the continuation of the first Baldur's Gate edition and it is best enjoyed when played on mobile devices with larger displays.

You’ll have to memorize spell books so you can investigate maps, illuminate dark dungeons, and defeat bosses if you want your party to survive long enough on one of the greatest RPGs of all time.

inotia 4

Inotia 4

If you’re looking to play one of the best offline RPG Android games, Inotia 4 is definitely worthy of your time. It has a unique party system involving 6 social classes, plus 90 abilities along with one of the largest world maps on mobile systems where you can travel alongside Kiyan, a famous prodigy from the Shadow Tribe.

This hack-and-slash game can boast of better visuals than the earlier chapters from the series along with an engaging storyline so brace yourself for skirmishes against Goblins, Orcs, and other formidable foes.

planetscape torment

Planetscape Tormant

Let’s introduce you to Planescape: Torment; yet another awesome offline RPG game for Android created by Black Isle Studios.

This game can boast of a fantasy campaign setting that is very much like Dungeons & Dragons but more story-focused, with less prominent combat. You too can follow an immortal being known only as The Nameless One, who embarks on a journey of discovery through Sigil city and other locations trying to regain lost memories from previous lives.


That’s it for our list of best offline RPG games for Android systems.

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