10 Best Car Racing Games For Kids (Android/iOS)

Best Car Racing Games For Kids On Android & iPhone

Let’s face it; car racing games are fun. As a kid, you probably enjoyed many of the popular games like Need for speed and Grand Theft Auto; who didn’t love these games?

Today, car racing games for kids have continued to improve, and it’s only fair that you let your kids have as much fun as you used to with these games. These games, fortunately, are pretty easy to get the hang of.

You may even have a kid who wants to be a racer when they get older, so you should encourage them. Below, you will find some of the best car racing games for kids. Feel free to choose one (or two) for your kid from the list, and have them entertained.

Here Are The List Of Best Car Racing Games For Kids 2020:

monster trucks racing

Monster Truck

First up on our list of driving games for kids is the Monster Truck Racing Game. It lets your kid enjoy monster truck racing using a Puppy patrol. Your kids will certainly have fun playing on this one, as it comes with a lot of unique characteristics. Some of these characteristics include extreme fun, intense rally racing, and realistic physics.

You get to play as the gigantic monster truck Puppy Patrol driver. Your kid is in for a great time and a tremendous energetic experience.

kids car racing fun

Kids Car Racing Fun

Kids Car Racing Fun is another one of the fun car racing games for kids that you can download. On this app, the mission is to drive as fast as possible, while ensuring that you do not run into any road pylons or rivals. Expect so much action and adrenaline rush as the cars race through in avoidance of collisions.

You get to accumulate gold stars; these come in handy for garage improvements.

kids car racers

Kids Car Racers

This next entry on our list of free racing games for kids found its way into the list of everyone’s favorite driving games for kids recently. If your kid is up to eighteen months of age, then this game will be suitable enough for them. Its controls are that easy, and your kid will know precisely how it works.

If older kids want to enjoy this game, they can. They can go for the more challenging levels where they have to run their opponents off the road.

kids racing 3d

Kids Racing Islands

If you want one of the best race car games for kids, then you should download this. It does not gather any user or phone information; you will also not have to bother about annoying ads.

On the app, there are high-quality features like transforming your mobile device into a steering wheel. There’s also great music and beautiful aesthetics; it still manages to keep its interface friendly for kids.

kids racing game

Kids - Racing Games

This is yet another remarkable entry on our list of top car racing games for kids. If you need to keep your kids busy so that they won’t bother you all the time, then this game will do the magic. Its features are top-notch, and adults will be interested in taking part in the fun.


Kids Car Racing Game - Beepzz

Beepzz comes next as one of the best driving games for kids. In this game, you will be faced with thrilling encounters like driving your vehicle in an uphill and a downhill environment. You also get to have buddies so that as you drive through holiday beaches, Rocky Mountains, farms, jungles, cities, forests, and snowy hills, you can have twice as much fun.

Apart from just the fun this game offers, it will also help your kid learn driving, problem-solving, confidence, and memory skills.

monster truck go

Monster Truck Go

Another one of the most fun car racing games for kids out there is the Monster Truck Go. The player gets to drive through obstacles and breath-taking landscapes. There’s a finish line that determines how well you did. You get to pick your choice monster truck from twelve colorful options.

fun kids car racing game

Fun Kids Car Racing Game

Most people acknowledge this game as one of the best driving games for toddlers. It has cool features like auto-drive mode, transformer mode, and others. With the auto-drive feature, you can drag or drift with the steering wheel. The transformer mode helps you drive at high speeds to defeat your rivals.

Your kids will certainly have so much fun delving into this one while they spend time playing it with their other friends.

kids racing

Kids Racing

With Kids Racing, you have a highly recommended pastime among top car racing games for kids. Your kid will experience so much action on this game, along with tons of excitement. As you drive, you are expected to do so with as much speed as possible. You can switch lanes by simply tapping the screen.

You should ensure that you don’t run into competitors or road pylons as you drive and try to gather as many gold stars as you can for garage improvements. The aim of this game is simply to test how fast your kid will be able to drive.

super kids car racing in traffic

Super Kids Car Racing In Traffic

Having positive reviews rounding up to seventy-one percent and a play store rating of 4.0 makes this app one of the best car racing games for kids. The goal is to beat time while racing, and it helps to train your kids’ time consciousness. It is also beneficial to junior drivers as it may help sharpen their skills and hone reflexes.

You must speed through traffic using insanely fast race cars. You also get to choose your hero car, and as you gain more gold coins, you can upgrade components of your car and cope with more demanding levels.


Are your kids bored? Do you want them to have some fun while learning new skills? Any one of these race car games for kids will do the trick. Go download away already!

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