Top 10 Best Stud Finder Apps For Android & iPhone

best stud finder apps for android

We’ve all had to expend so much energy and time searching for an important metal object like an earring, a ring, or a key. Sometimes these objects go missing just when you need them the most or when you’re in a hurry. The good news is that thanks to technology, you can now use a stud detector app.

This article has been put together to let you in on some of the most amazing stud finder software options, and hopefully, you can find the best stud finder app that works for you.

A stud detector app will assist you in locating any metal objects hiding behind your walls when you cannot afford conventional metal detecting tools.

Below are the finest stud finder and stud detector apps we’ve sampled recently:

Here Are The List Of Best Stud Finder/Detector Apps For Android & iPhone

stud detector

Stud Detector by Guylyhey

This is an interesting stud finder app for Android and iPhone users. It comes with instructions on the app; hence, you will have no problems using the software. You get to decide the sensitivity levels depending on the nature of the metal object you hope to find.

It also has a beeper to show you search results; your job is to keep moving the magnetometer marker during your search. Several people would readily pick this app as the best stud finder app.



This app is a great Android and iPhone stud finder app. There are precisely twenty-four tools available on Toolbox, and it also doubles as a stud detector app for finding metal fasteners. Some of the other tools you will find on this app include a timer, compass, mirror, heart rate monitor, altimeter, leveler, metronome, measuring tool, etc.

metal detector emf meter

Metal Detector EMF Meter

This tool is probably the best stud finder app for detecting metals as far as 30cm. This app is also effective in detecting metal objects in walls, including electrical wires. It can double as a magnetometer, and help you scan your body for metals.

It is believed to even detect the presence of ghosts by measuring electromagnetic fields. All results on the app are displayed in a digital or analog format.

metal detector

Metal Detector

This is another software program useful as a stud finder app for iPhone and Android users. It lets you find metals and employs your device’s magnetic sensors to measure their magnetic fields.

While the app is in use, ensure that you take your cell phone cover away from your mobile device for maximum accuracy.

stud detector

Stud Detector

This stud finder ranks as the best stud finder app for most people, especially among Android users. With the Stud Detector app, you can do several things. Some of them include finding metal frames, ascertaining your Android phone’s magnetic field, as well as configuring and customizing your screen orientation. You get feedback visually.

The stud detector app is simple to navigate, and what’s best? It’s free!

all tools

All Tools

The All Tools app is a very versatile software, having over fifty multifunctional tools. An EMF detector is one of such tools it possesses. This application is rather useful when searching for metals. You know that a magnetic field source is around the corner when the screen reading changes too often.

Usually, the source of the strong magnetic fields will be metal objects, except in cases where the app is exposed to other sources of strong magnetic fields like other phones, TVs, computers, etc. One of the best things about this app is how lightweight and easy it is to use.

emf detector and meter

EMF Meter

The EMF Meter is arguably the best stud finder app for electromagnetic field detection. It is a stud finder app for Android users and works when you let the app employ your phone’s magnetometer. Once you permit the magnetometer, the EMF Detector goes to work, finding metal objects by accurately detecting magnetic fields.

Apart from finding hidden metal objects, you can employ its electromagnetic field detection ability for detecting electromagnetic fields in electrically charged objects while in motion. This app gives accurate results and is free.

smart metal detector

Smart Metal Detector

This stud finder app can be used to detect metal objects by using electromagnetic fields too. The Smart Detector App is the best stud finder app for you if you prefer an app that makes a sound to indicate that there’s an electromagnetic field or a metal object around the corner. Its sound is unique and it also proves to be an effective stud detector app for finding metals in the wall.

The Smart Metal Detector app is almost the same as others, but is different as a result of its unique sound; not many stud finder apps possess this feature.



The Tesla app is a well-known iPhone stud finder app that helps its users to detect metals, record magnetic fields, and find studs. With this, finding metal is made easier, as it detects an electromagnetic field very quickly, which comes in handy during a comprehensive metal object search. Using the magnetometer sensor found on your mobile device, it gets to work effectively giving only correct measurements.

An interesting feature of the Tesla app is the feedback it gives off in the form of sounds, which helps navigate your search.

wall stud detector

Stud Finder Scanner

This stud finder has topped the list ranking as the most downloaded Android stud finder for wood studs. The Wall Stud Finder app has automatic detectors and sensors to help you find wooden studs effortlessly, whether it’s under the plaster, in the cupboard or drywall. You will usually get a notification when the app finds the stud.


Ten of the most valuable stud finder apps have been listed here for your perusing. Hopefully, you find the best stud finder app for you from the list. You can even try all ten until you find something that suits your needs well.

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