The 10 best Doctor Consultation Apps & Telemedicine Apps

best doctor consultation apps and telemedicine apps for android and ios 2020

Day By Day, technology encompasses different uses and thus extends to many areas of our life, which is why there are already many mobile applications such as entertainment , shopping , banking, among others; And of course, as expected, there are also consultation apps for the health sector.

Consulting with a doctor online is a growing trend, and this refers to the search for health information on the internet that is becoming more frequent. But it is better if we turn to professionals to interact with them through means devised for medical purpose, such as doctor consultation apps & Telemedicine apps that can help you stay up to date with everything that has to do with your health.

The rise of Doctor Consultation Apps & Telemedicine Apps

Currently there are a large number of medical applications for smartphones and tablets, which allow having our doctor just a click away, thanks to eHealth technology where health professionals can optimize their services and improve patient care. That is why today we want to present you the five best doctor consultation apps and telemedicine apps that may be ideal for you so that you do not have to go to the doctor for situations that do not require it.

The 10 Best Doctor Consultation Apps & Telemedicine Apps

best telemedicine apps mdlive


Connect to medical and pediatric doctors and access behavioral health therapy services and psychiatry whenever you need them. MDLIVE offers fast, easy, convenient access to a doctor for non emergency issues when your primary care physician isn’t available. Average wait times are under 15 minutes to consult with a state licensed and board certified physician.

best telemedicine apps lemonaid

Lemonaid: Same Day Online Care

With a $25 doctor consultation and free, fast delivery from the Lemonaid Pharmacy, this app offers a simple way to get a diagnosis and treatment. Just select a service and answer basic health questions. Pay your fee, and you’ll get a doctor review within 2 hours or an immediate video consultation.

live health online mobile

LiveHealth Online Mobile

LiveHealth brings qualified doctors to you whenever you need them. Just sign up, log in, and choose the right doctor for your needs. Doctors using the app provide care for everything from the flu and bronchitis to allergies, skin infections, and much more. The app also features licensed therapists, lactation consultants, registered dietitians, and other professionals.

best doctor consultation apps pushcare

PlushCare: Video Doctor Visits

With PlushCare, you can get prescriptions and treatment for a variety of ongoing and nonemergency conditions. Choose an appointment time, plug in any insurance information, and get connected to a doctor — simply and efficiently.

doctor on demand

Doctor on Demand

Get face to face with a doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist whether you have insurance or not. The app’s providers are licensed physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists, and they can treat hundreds of issues online through video. Your doctor will take your history and symptoms, perform an exam, and recommend treatment.

best doctor consultation apps amwell

Amwell: Doctor Visits 24/7

Amwell offers quality medical care on demand. You can schedule appointments, often with next-day availability. Before insurance, Amwell services vary between $69 or less for urgent care and up to $200 for an online psychiatry visit.


Talkspace Therapy & Counseling

Talkspace is a convenient, affordable, and effective way to work toward improving your mental health. This subscription service lets you send unlimited text, audio, picture, or video messages at any time to your therapist. You’ll hear back at least once per day, 5 days a week. You can also choose to add live video sessions.



Teladoc lets you talk to a huge variety of medical specialists virtually, quickly, and for free using your existing healthcare plan, no matter what kind of medical issue or specialization you need to help treat your health concern or condition. Just request a specialist, talk to your doctor over video or audio chat, and have them write a prescription or give you expert medical advice.


BCBSM Online Visits

This free app helps you see your doctor virtually with almost any Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) health plan so that you can manage your most essential health needs when you can’t get to the doctor’s office or need to avoid visiting medical facilities for health reasons. See any provider for both physical and mental health services, and request care for your child, too.

spruce doctor consultation

Spruce – Care Messenger

The Spruce app gives both providers and patients a dashboard for keeping on top of your medical needs even if you can’t get to the doctor’s office. Protect your private medical information through HIPAA laws with secure video, audio, and text messaging tools, and fill out essential health questionnaires or send pre-written message templates to help address a variety of medical needs without leaving your home.

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