8 Best Apps To Get Free iTunes Gift Card Codes (2020)

Free iTunes Gift Card Codes

Everyone I know would eagerly grab at every free opportunity to shop.  And even though it might sound unbelievable, some top international brands like Amazon, Google, PlayStation, and iTunes are into offering freebies nowadays.

Yes, even the exclusive iTunes software from Apple which we’ve all come to know and love designed for playing, downloading, and managing both audio & video files also provides freebies for users in the form free iTunes gift cards with which you can do so many things.

Once you obtain free iTunes gift cards, you can enjoy unlimited access to the iTunes store, join Apple Music, convert audio files to different formats, use iCloud and iTunes together, add credit to your existing iTunes account, and a host of other services you normally wouldn’t have purchased.

Moreover, the iTunes gift card codes can help you with purchasing your favorite songs or apps at reduced rates, as opposed to buying directly from the official Apple website which is usually rather expensive.

How would you like to get your hands on some free iTunes gift card rewards? There are quite a few reliable apps you can use for this very purpose.

Here’s how:

Here Are The Best Apps To Get Free iTunes Gift Card Codes:



With AppNana, you can harness one of the best methods to obtain free iTunes gift rewards. This reliable software tool is already well-known among millions of users for serving up reward points (called Nanas) which you can accumulate after sampling other recommended freebie applications.

Once you sign up, the app will credit your account with 400 Nanas automatically just for making daily use of it. You can later redeem these Nanas for your free iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card, free PayPal transfers, PS4 codes, or Google Play codes.

gift wallet

Gift Wallet

Let’s introduce you to one of the most straightforward methods you can use to obtain iTunes gift card codes for free. Apart from the free iTunes gift card, Gift Wallet can also provide you with gift card rewards from Google Play, Amazon, Steam Wallet, or even PayPal transfers. Moreover, the app will let you redeem as little as $3 cash rewards.

To earn rewards, you must accomplish a few uncomplicated tasks, which include downloading some recommended apps for sampling. You can exchange your rewards for the free Amazon gift card, Google Play codes, the free iTunes gift card, Steam Wallet, or PayPal transfers.

cash for apps

Cash For Apps

A 4.5 Google Play Store rating has ensured that Cash for Apps ranks among the best apps you can use to obtain free iTunes gift card rewards. You only have to download and sample other recommended apps on the Cash for Apps platform, and you can begin to receive your rewards once the installation process is complete.

It’s quite okay for you to delete the apps you have installed from Cash for Apps after you’ve finished sampling them. By referring others to use Cash for Apps, you get to receive additional reward points.



With Appkarma, you’ll own a reliable software tool that can be harnessed for your mission to obtain free iTunes gift card rewards. Appkarma gives you reward points that can be used to redeem free iTunes gift cards.

You get to acquire reward points for sampling recommended apps and redeem those rewards you’ve gathered for Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes gift card codes, plus more. Once you install the Appkarma software on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, you can then proceed to complete the offers recommended.

diamond cash

Diamond Cash

Once you install the Diamond Cash software, you too can boast of having one of the finest reward apps that can be used to get the free iTunes gift card. You can use Diamond Cash to gather reward points which you can redeem afterward for your free iTunes gift cards. It's that simple.

You should, however, expect to perform various tasks which may include watching in-app video clips, downloading & using recommended apps, plus a few other effortless chores.



Do you want to get iTunes gift card codes for free? If yes, you should definitely give the CashKarma app a try. All you have to do to earn them is to accumulate reward points on CashKarma and redeem them afterward.

CashKarma will give you reward points for successfully completing easy chores such as taking surveys and watching video clips. Moreover, there’s a referral link system you can use to get extra rewards.



Perhaps you’ve been scouring the internet for legit ways to acquire the free iTunes gift card. The CashOut app will enable you to earn iTunes gift card codes free of charge along with some extra rewards after you have successfully completed one or two product offers, played free online games, completed surveys, and watched a few videos.

The in-app reward coins can be used to redeem your preferred gift cards as well as PayPal transfers.



Upon installation, Appbounty could turn out to be a guaranteed method for obtaining the free iTunes gift cards you crave.

After sampling recommended free apps on Appbounty, you will be rewarded in donuts, diamonds, gems, and gold points. These points earned can later be used to obtain iTunes, Xbox, Steam, and PS4 gift cards along with free eshop codes and many more.

The Round-Up

We hope you gathered enough information from our list to help you obtain enough free iTunes gift cards this year.

Feel free to fully explore these options.

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