10 Best Free Language Translation Apps For Android (2020)

best free language translation apps android 2020

Are you a traveling scholar, business professional, boss, medical staff, or just someone with wanderlust?

Does language limit your enterprise or activities when you are in a foreign country?

Thankfully, strange languages no longer have to be a barrier owing to the supercomputers we often carry around in our pockets.

Nowadays, all you have to do is install language translation software on your smartphone and you can break those communication boundaries.

With the best translation app for Android or iPhone, you can venture into the unfamiliar and experience different facets of life.

Besides traveling, the best translate apps Android solutions can also be used by language enthusiasts to help them speak, read, and communicate in different dialects.

In this post, you will find our best translator for Android recommendations which can assist you with booking a cab, ordering food, and communicating with native people anywhere on the planet without hassles.

Here Are The List Of Best Free Language Translation Apps For Android

google translate

Google Translate

With a 4.5 Google Play Store rating, Google Translate has ranked among the best translate apps Android users must have. It will enable you to translate about 103 different languages simply by typing.

This popular and free-to-use language translator program also has a comprehensive database with 59 languages which you can save on your smartphone for offline use. You’ll be pleased with the Camera Mode of this application which lets you take photos of foreign text for immediate translation to 39 different dialects.

microsoft translator

Microsoft Translator

Are you an Android user? You too can download and install the latest version of Microsoft Translator APK to own a strong contender for the best translation app for Android devices this year. With this awesome software tool on your smartphone, you can effortlessly interpret both online and offline text, screenshots, and voice conversations into more than 60 major dialects.

This version of Microsoft’s translate apps Android solution can even boast of a multi-user mode which allows for over 100 users to communicate together in various languages. Moreover, this remarkable free app supports ad-free offline use.

itranslate translator

iTranslate Translator & Dictionary

Introducing iTranslate Translator & Dictionary; one of the finest translate apps Android users who travel frequently should install. The free version of this application provides language interpretation support for over 100 dialects. It also has lots of unique features that include a dictionary & thesaurus for major languages as well as giving you an option to choose between listening to male or female voice interpretations.

This app’s pro version has a few extra features such as interpretation of Voice-to-Voice conversations, offline translation into more than 40 major languages, plus a Lens feature that transforms your mobile camera into an instant text translator.

easy language translator

Easy Language Translator

This is Easy Language Translator; yet another noteworthy translate apps Android users who're language enthusiasts must-have. It’s already becoming well-known for its quick and easy text and speech translation across many major dialects.

You can also use this free language translation software to adapt speech into text for interpretation and vice versa. With the Easy Language Translator application, you have a user-friendly tool that doesn’t contain any sponsored ads. The only drawback here is the fact that a few language interpretation features may not work accurately with some dialects as required.

yandex translate

Yandex Translate

Here’s arguably the best translation app for Android using language enthusiasts looking to work offline and interpret words and phrases from different foreign languages. The online mode of this remarkable software tool supports translation across 90 dialects when online, and 7 languages for the offline mode.

With the Yandex.Translate language translator app on your mobile device, you can benefit from special features such as listening to yourself speak in 4 foreign languages, the option to translate entire web pages, and the ability to read up to 12 different languages via camera when in online mode.

language translate

Language Translate

Are you looking for translate apps Android software tools? The Language Translator APK was developed to help its users interpret multiple dialects online at zero cost. It features a user-friendly interface that will enable you to decipher English text to Spanish and the other way round.

Other major languages you can translate with this free language translator include French, Russian, Chinese, German, Catalan, Italian, and as much as 90 more dialects. Moreover, you won’t encounter any sponsored advertisements here.

Translate Voice (Translator)

Translate Voice (Translator)

Would you like to say Hello in Spanish, French, Hindi, and Russian? You can install the latest version of this extraordinary voice communication translator and decipher major languages from different regions across the globe. This professional software program can boast of over 110 dialects as well as an awesome feature that can hear and interpret your speech into any language you want.

A word suggestion tool is also available to recommend the proper spelling of foreign text. And although this free language translator has a few sponsored ads, its overall performance is barely compromised.

naver papago

Naver Papago Translate

If you dream of living in a world devoid of language barriers, this smart AI program could turn out to be the best language translator app for you. This easy-to-use Android-based interpreter provides support for 13 different dialects which include English, Korean, French, Japanese, German, Vietnamese, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, and Russian.

You'll be pleased to find a dictionary & phrasebook for providing you with the most basic language expressions even when you're offline. It enables real-time voice and phrase translation plus image translation as well.

Wrapping Up

These are the finest language translators to have in case you must decode foreign speech or text.

Download any of them now for instant voice to speech translation abilities at the tip of your fingers.

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